CCTV drainage inspections Melbourne

Reasons for drain blockage

Sewerage pipes do get blocked due to enormous reasons, whether it is commercial or a residential property, sewerage blocks are a common problem. At JO Plumbing we use latest CCTV drain camera technology to help diagnose the real issue of drain blockage. We use a closed circuit camera specialised for plumbing that can go through storm water or sewer to find potential issues of blockage and other damages. By far this is the most effective method of locating blockage issues in drains and sewers.

How does CCTV drainage camera work?

Because the drains are blocked, we need to make some way for the CCTV plumbing camera to travel so we clear the pipe blockage first. Secondly, the CCTV plumbing camera goes through the sewer or stormwater pipes to locate the area of blockage. The main purpose of this process is to eliminate the blockage from reappearing. The plumber can view the live footage of what CCTV plumbing camera sees on the remote monitor, this helps your plumber in diagnosing the cause of block and how to fix the drain blockage. Usually, CCTV drain inspections are required when normal drain clearing processes recur often.

Benefits of using CCTV drainage inspections?

  • The top most advantage is in helping to find the exact spot to dig in order to carry out the blockage, the CCTV plumbing camera helps the plumber see the exact layout of the pipes underground and emits a signal to the position of blockage in drains.
  • It makes an impossible place possible to access
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